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Don’t hire your kids on a Saturday to do a three-day job!

April 26, 2022 at 8:23 a.m.

I saw green grass last night in my dreams! A pasture full of green and black cattle grazing in the background, growing and making money!

That isn't too far from reality as I almost saw it yesterday but I can't actually tell if the cattle were making money! It is spring and I know for sure, as it said so on the calendar.

We have a multitude of black calves running loose on the place and their mothers calling them in once in a while. I know some of the older cows expect their calves to go as far and stay there for the longest time -- the ones before did it so why not these? They know it is in the genes! Some of the cows get full udders and never look for their calves -- that is the reason, bad blood! The babies start running off at day six, maybe not far but seeing if anyone cares. If not noticed, they go a little further.

The fall cows are selected and extra provisions are theirs and more trips to the chute. They are weighed and vaccinated and then weighed often. We will AI some of the best ones when the time is right and pray till it takes! Our bulls are the best we can afford at that but a $10 bull out of the book is better than I can buy! We try to give every advantage to our calving cows long before they are due.

I started to talk about my offspring but decided to give them to my close relative. They are working hard to make the newly acquired place look good! The new red gate is the first thing I noticed there, being used to a rickety board gate from 1937 and patched in a few places to hold it together. The next thing was the old road had been gone over with a box blade.

I drove the road and enjoyed the smoothness and straightened out little curves. I am beginning to wonder about the boys. I check the bank statement for the farm each month and there is not a new red gate on this month's paid-out space. That right there is a very interesting occurrence!

The drive on the smooth road was pleasant and I did not find any other surprises at the pump house. We have used the well for over 20 years for watering cattle and drinking it ourselves. It is good -- no sulfur in it -- thank the Lord! Maybe they are hauling water for some reason.

The cattle there are happy and most of them lay around after a fast graze, and it was around noon as I drove away. I sorta forgot the new business as I thought of the steers grazing and growing. The red gate reminded me to ask the youngest first!

I made it into headquarters just in time for the mail to be delivered and took it in. My close relative took it and threw most in the trash, as usual, putting dinner on the table. The offspring followed me in, washing up in the utility room. I thought about bringing up the subject at noon while they were peaceful but decided against it. It was a nice spring day with everyone happy. I don't want to mess with that!

Biscuits and gravy take a man's mind off of things such as business matters. I ate my share and someone else's too. Realizing the years on me, I suggested I would meet the hands at 2 at the bullpen for some spring cleaning and maybe weighing. Depending on other stuff that has to be done. My recliner called my name and I was ready for a power nap.

I heard the phone and the change in my close relative's voice as she confirmed the importance of the call. It was the oldest of the boys and all my precious bulls had escaped their confines. I hurried, almost awake and not really thinking I needed my clothes on, but already did! I stood up quicker than usual and had to stand still for a second.

Everyone has an opinion, everyone I know, and some of them are pretty good but not real often. Opinions are like wishes; I won't depend on either one but some will. I led the bulls back with a sack of feed and they were all there. The critters have been out before and we have plenty to keep us busy this evening! Gotta get the welder out and all that stuff so I know it will take time. I decided to make the repair last and we would have a long afternoon.

The hired hands must have had another opinion; a wordless and stern repair job took a good four hours and the bullpen was tight! My opinion of the whole afternoon is don't hire your kids on a Saturday to do a three-day job!

Clean your stuff up, buy more ammo and Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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