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OPINION: This was a holiday for the books!

January 11, 2022 at 7:40 a.m.

The cattle are lowing and it is after Christmas. All the cattle with our brand are fed and full.

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with the whole family. We ate enough food to feed Europe and have leftovers. My close relative cooked pie, cakes and many other goodies, and I gained probably 20 pounds in all the fun and company we had. Yes, lots of fun was had by us all, including her relations from down South!

We didn't expect them during the holidays but it all worked out and they were fed along with the crowd. Love, or like, was plentiful and some of us learned to be less grouchy as the days went along! They mostly ate and slept in the car, and we enjoyed having them to play ball! My relative, who is theirs too, was happier than ever and that made me happier too.

We all rode some of the horses -- the kids rode the little paint and I rode Jack. I naturally picked that one and they were all satisfied with the ones I saddled for them. The offspring spent two or three days giving rides on four-wheelers, thrilling them all. I am old-fashioned and the machines ruled over the horses, even with the kids!

I played baseball for the oldest offspring's team. We had so many here we even had a cheering section! I am alive and still sore in spots but the game was hilarious and should have been filmed! My close relative slid into second, third and home! She was skinned all over and ready to play the next game. I stayed the entire time. Thought I better show off to the company and did. Then I nearly died!

We kicked around the football some, but the little kids didn't know the rules so we got some work done while some rested up. I counted cattle and hauled hay, checked the steers and bulls and put out extra hay for the heifers. The offspring found where one gate was open but none of the cattle were missing. The gate was opened by someone and it was leaning against the fence like it was supposed to be. I guess the good Lord decided not to let rustlers take any during the holidays! I recounted the cows and all were there.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, this was a holiday for the books! With what we got, we were all surprised and thrilled; and what we learned was amazing to all. The birth of the Christ child was the most important thing this year and should have been all the previous years.

So many of our family, far and near, have ridden along on shirt tails, being in worship services but not hearing. Filing nails, writing letters and coloring in pictures is very important. Checking the time on the clock at the back of the church is so obvious a blind man could tell you are impatient to go somewhere. These are some of the things I know of from years of attending church.

Some of the less fortunate were cutting wood, fishing, cleaning house or, at the most, not praising the Christ child. We praised this year!

We invited the preacher to come and baptize four. We heard many testimonies and then ate some more. We were more thankful than most and praised God.

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Print Headline: This was a holiday for the books!


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