Culture? What’s that?

Haven't we all seen and heard a lot of things on the tube that display how the culture of our nation has changed during the past 20 or 30 years? Some things have been a part of our nation for generations, and to see them change results in head shaking and clearing of throats when we discuss how we were brought up to know and believe a certain way. I sometimes see something or hear things about events going on throughout the world, and, unexpectedly, I realize there has been a change I never thought possible.

Do you wonder where this 'Cuff is going? I still find it almost impossible that I saw (and heard) three words on the tube, three words apparently finding themselves into the gray stuff ... gray stuff not in the thinking process of our generation but seemingly believed in that stuff of a younger generation. Hopefully, this old 'Cuffer is wrong about today's younger generation's thinking on things I've seen concerning the war (make that capital WAR), which could result in a war that could make WWII seem small. Such is the power of three words.

We have watched the activities that began with an attack on the people of Israel, a nation of people who were given an area that had been their home centuries earlier, who awoke to an invasion by an army called Hamas, which indicates it would destroy that nation we know as Israel ... a Jewish people who barely survived the efforts of an evil man, Hitler, who was finally defeated by years of fighting in Europe in which thousands, millions of Americans, were wounded or gave their lives.

It appears this Hamas group follows the wisdom of those three words. And does it seem to be a possibility that now, since these three words were ... they affect the cultural thinking of another generation?

And what were those three words? I only saw them two times on some news program. They were pictured on a poster or a sign being held by someone. I didn't hear those words spoken on the tube, but they still caused that gray stuff to hear them in my brain several times. Those three words? "Hitler Was Right!" I haven't heard them again, but other things that have been seen and heard cause possible problems not only in other parts of the globe but also in the United States.

This 'cuff was meant to be about culture and how the culture of a younger generation can be affected either by individual learning or sometimes, seemingly, by a cultural thought put into their minds through teaching. As other groups destroyed that part of the Constitution defining what this nation means, sharp changes were made by thousands from other nations ... and this happened to a different nation more than a century ago. Then we had thousands of lands which could be given ... and they were given.

Even less than 20 years ago, immigrants who wished to come and become Americans were individually checked and were given books and encouragement to learn about America. Passing a test after following the process, they could then become citizens and voters. Question? What is going to happen with the thousands who have arrived? How and when may they be citizens? A question that this old 'cuffer hopes will be answered.

It's nice now, but somehow, some of our culture of many generations, which seemed positive, has disappeared. And it's up to many to see that those missing cultural ways of life can be found.

Until next time ...

Dodie Evans is the former owner and editor of the Gravette News Herald. Opinions expressed are those of the author.