Gravette girls win state cross-country meet

Gravette School District The Gravette High School girls cross country team took the championship in the state competition at Lake Hamilton last week.

GRAVETTE -- In an exhilarating display of determination and teamwork, the Lady Lion girls' cross-country team won in the 4A State Championship in Hot Springs on Thursday, cementing their place as the reigning champions.

The Lion boys' cross-country followed suit by snagging the third-place title. Both teams demonstrated exceptional endurance, with each member pushing his or her limits to conquer the challenging course.

From the starting gun, the runners maintained a tight formation throughout the race. As the finish line neared, the teams' hard work and dedication paid off.

The girls' team claimed the top spot in the 4A State Championship, leaving their competitors in awe. The victory not only highlighted their athletic prowess but also celebrated their unwavering camaraderie and spirit, making their school and community immensely proud.

Coaches Weller and Hardgrave, who have been instrumental in honing their skills and fostering a sense of unity, shared their pride in the team's accomplishment.

"This win is a testament to the dedication and hard work these girls have put into their training. They exemplify what it means to be true athletes and team players."

The girls' victory in the 4A State Championship not only marks a historic achievement for the high school girls' cross-country team but also serves as an inspiration for future generations of athletes. Their story serves as a reminder that, with perseverance, teamwork, and unwavering determination, even the most challenging goals can be achieved.

Gravette senior Julia Whorton earned a silver medal in the race, finishing the course with a time of 20:07.00. Sophomore Keira Ralph finished in fifth place with a time of 20:50.43

photo Henry Apple/Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Gravette senior Julia Whorton crosses the finish line, finishing the course with a time of 20:07.00 and earning a silver medal in the state cross-country competition in Hot Springs on Nov. 2.