Answering the problems

Here we are, almost through that month which is known for its windy days, so we can get those April showers to make May's flowers.

Do you wonder who and where those words were first spoken? They are usually right on the spot, but let's get back and think of how we get our share of all sorts of weather, including that day just a few days ago which found Westside Eagle Observer country visited by several tornado spottings. Fortunately, they did not cause many problems like those that found their way into Ohio and Indiana and even into parts of Arkansas. We sometimes don't like to hear those sirens, but aren't we thankful they are here to warn us?

March was full of this and that, wasn't it? We climbed to change clocks for another year of daylight saving time, which some say is okay, and others say they almost fell off the chair they were using to reach those smoke detectors. Then St. Pat's Day arrived and those spuds were dropped in rows, weren't they? And finally, Palm Sunday reminded us of that glorious Easter Sunday, which is the day that means so much. Fortunately, for many years in those good 'ole days, parents made sure to teach their children that hunting Easter eggs is but a part of the occasion.

Here we are hoping that April will save a few of those showers for those sitting-in-front-of-the-fan days because of dusty roads and brown lawns. April is a good time to just lean back and enjoy every day, resting and even going to places you've wanted to see. And it's also a time to remember Mother's Day and Memorial Day will be here before we know it.

How about changing directions and wondering what was meant by the headline of the last 'cuff, "Why are we here? ... one world problem?" That headline means we should enjoy being here and then warns that the eight-letter word mentioned can cause lots of problems in the country, the world, and even in our individual lives ... and that one other word of many words can influence that eight-letter word to influence our own lives to cause trouble. That eight-letter word feeds on all types of other words to cause or ignore things in others ... from individuals to leaders in our nation and throughout the world ... and even in families.

Can we change directions again? It's from one 'cuff to another and this time is because of that. Well, it's not much of a change, but here goes. That last headline could have been, "Why are you here? ... one word problem." It would have been that, except the old 'cuffer forgot to take the "L" out, and the head actually did its job because one word can change one world, and it constantly happens in every level of humanity, so isn't it our job and the reason we are here to follow those truths that have been given to us and which are so often forgotten we at every level become that eight-letter word in action.

There were several of those other simple words that lean constantly on others creating the condition. A couple of those words were dogged, obstinate, persistent, rebellious, and bullheaded. Here are a few new ones: adamant, unyielding, single-minded, doltish, and don't forget conceited and this three-part word: know-it-all. There are hundreds of words that lean on what is simply selfish.

This tall tale should end in the next 'cuff if ... 'till then.

Dodie Evans is the former owner and longtime editor of the Gravette News Herald. Opinions expressed are those of the author.