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— Wow, what a day. My big trauma came today, around two o'clock, when I decided that I wanted to get a late lunch and drink so I could finish with my work at a local post office.

I stopped at a fast food place and got a drink, expecting a Cherry Coke.

When your mouth is watering for a Cherry Coke, and you get someone else's tea, it is a shock to the ol' system.

I whined about this for awhile - in my head, at least- but then thought about the person expecting a tea and getting a Cherry Coke. I guess there were two people frustrated at their purchases today.

Oh, well, so much for my miseries, I shall move on to other things.

A belated happy birthday to Arch Roller, who turned 90 this month.

Arch, we are so proud of your continued good health, and we hope that God gives you more time to bless the Decatur people with your happy spirit.

When I told Arch, "Happy Birthday," he said thanks and added, "Ivan almost made it too." What a good attitude!

A few others who celebrated birthdays were Ed Booth, Derek Miller, Kortni Park, who turned 18, Kristin Park, Doris Bieber, Jim Bieber, Ruth Stricker, Shana Erskin, Nanette Clapp and Donna Jensen.

Also, Kevin Reed, Joy Murphy and sweet little Bella Quam had birthdays, as did Lavora Conley and Harrison Hosteter. I hope you all enjoyed the blessings of another year of life.

Unfortunately, we have had a lot of loss of life this last month, and I guess Joe Folk was probably the biggest shock and most traumatic for us at work because one day he was there, the next he was not.

Joe was the mixer on my line at Little Debbie's, and he was always pleasant to be around. He will be missed.

Our condolences to the Stell Family in the loss of Patsy, and to the Boldra family in Ronald's death.

Such sadness! And I would be amiss if I didn't mention Paul Kunce. Paul and his wife Luella were a big help in the old thrift store, ran by the different churches in Decatur. Paul moved to Tulsa in his later years, but his absence was noticed.

Congratulations to Chelsie Billups and Cory Reed in their upcoming wedding. I don't personally know them, but I know Chelsie's dad, Tim, who is one of the nicest mechanics this side of heaven, working with Chelsie's uncle Gerald in Colcord. Yep, if you ever need a car aligned or brakes fixed, you won't find two more honest men to deal with.

This has been a stressful month for our family, too.

It seems like school expenses are a big problem, and they have these lotteries now in Arkansas and private schools don't seem to get any of supposed benefits that the lotteries are going to bring to Arkansas. Let me assure you, there are kids in private schools that are needing help with education just as much as in public schools. My husband and I work our tails off and then because we work so hard, they say we make too much money to receive help. If I didn't work, sometimes I think I would be able to get a little more help, but then I would be a lazy person and I would hate to let my dad (and mom) see me not work.

So, it will have to be work for me. And stress over school bills.

Have a great October and keep the roads safe.

Also, we may have to bundle up a little, as fall weather is soon to be up on us.

Opinion, Pages 4 on 09/30/2009

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