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I am very glad I do not milk cows for a living this morning! Cold, wet and, you know, at five this morning it was dead dark and it did not matter, someone still had to go to the milk barn and do the work. The lot was probably empty and the cows were at the very end of the little bunch of trees at the end of the pasture! So therefore I am once again blessed! All of my chores were waiting beside the feed trough in the seven o'clock daylight!

The weather is just right for February and we can't expect anything but winter when it is winter! The offspring showed up in pickups instead of four-wheelers this morning and were ready to deliver cold, half-frozen calves. We have over half of the calves on the ground already and last week was a blessing of unexpected nice weather, but the front came on this week. The older offspring delivered a breech heifer calf weighing 82 pounds at two this morning and said it was not warm then either! I told the offspring not to breed cows to deliver the first and second week of February, but did they listen?

We got the load of feed we had ordered and it is sacked. The granary will not be the diner for all the rats and varmints at this end of the world this year! I plugged holes, made it as tight as possible and, yes, I know, mice can slither in along a pipe or any tiny hole but maybe I stopped the big things. The cost was higher, of course, but in the long run, it will be sensible and I would like something around here to be sane!

Since I am not needed to watch for calving problems, I got the count and check done on the rest of the bovine. The steers are fat and like the cold just fine. They are the bucking and running champs of the west. I like to watch them play and then fight each other for a spot to eat cubes. Young and fit is what they are!

My close relative and I have had our immunization injections! We are just able to be in the old folks' realm and we had made reservations as soon as we knew where to call. Now we are protected; glad to say it did not make either of us sick! I understand some are a little unsure about taking the medication and I say power to them. It is America and we have choices but we also hope enough are vaccinated to create a herd immunity for this country!

Our vet came out last week to do the yearly vaccinations for the horses and deworm them. That little paint pony was so ornery, biting and kicking at Snip until we got him caught. He is still the prettiest little feller and handles like a pro with cattle. The grand who owns him still loves on him and hops on bareback at least two or three times a week. The business of growing up sure takes a huge amount of their time!

The bull sale is at the end of this week in Kansas. I intend to go if all is fine here on the rock pile and my close relative is going along, she said, to keep the checkbook in her pocket! The pictures are so enticing and I know how easy it is to bid!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, this is the time to check on your outside dogs and barn cats for places to be safe and warm. The utility rooms of farmhouses are about the best place for good dogs! And then see about your neighbors. We know widows who might need some groceries, be out of wood and many little things we might do for them to make their life easier. Our second from here neighbor had the pump quit and all we had to do was change the plug in it!

Buy ammo every time you go to town! Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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