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OPINION: We witnessed a terrible breakout this morning!

by Randy Moll | November 21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

We witnessed a terrible breakout this morning! The steers are big, fat and mighty! They are also very fast, faster than I can run! We couldn't tell from the tracks and sign that was left at the torn down fence whether they were spooked or just running because it was cold and they felt good.

The fence was six strands of barbed wire and steel posts every five feet because we did not want them on the highway! They were born and raised here and were never out on the pavement in their life. Now they have been!

I was ready to open the door when my close relative yelled to come, and we saw through the kitchen window the bunch pouring out through the place that was at one time a fence! The boys witnessed the stampede from the shop building and yelled at all of us -- as if that would help!

I guess it was probably 6:45 in the morning and we didn't get them in and the fence repaired until 5:10 this afternoon. They scattered like a covey of quail when they hit the fresh ground and realized they were loose! We had some in a parade, by themselves, down the main street of our town before it was all said and done. The round table crowd whooped and hollered as the herd passed them and, being generous friends, they offered some advice too!

Thanksgiving is almost here and we have so very much to thank our Lord for. Not one car was wrecked and not anything was damaged that I know of. Yes, I know the fence was torn from stem to stern and cost a lot more than I have in my pocket but we are all healthy and laughing about the incident!

Our baby grandson was wrapped up tight and watched the show. He really fussed when his mother tried to take him in and that makes us all proud. He is gonna make a good hand a few years from now.

Everything on the grocery store shelves is higher but everyone continues to eat and gas prices don't seem to make the cars sit still. I had to go buy some new posts and wire this evening and traffic was so thick I gave up until tomorrow! We mended and spliced so it will hold the cattle secure unless an elephant scares them into being like trail cattle again! No, I do not want to take them to Sedalia! That would be a long, dusty trail.

I missed the early cat feeding today. I got help with the horses as our female offspring has tender feelings about Snip. She failed to cover the kitty part but they were ready to see me regardless of the hour!

I once again thank all the cowboys who left their jobs to help us in our hour of need. We must have had fifty or sixty friends helping. The gratitude was certainly felt by us all. We were so relieved to have them in by dark and no one killed that we all said special prayers of thanks.

Lessons were learned and lessons were forgotten as we all, at times, do wrong things when we know better but, believe me, no one was keeping score!

It is almost too late if you haven't made your big trophy kill by now! We have steaks and hamburger in the freezer but do not talk to me about the score.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope you Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Print Headline: We witnessed a terrible breakout this morning!


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