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S Sulphur couple offers unique holiday alternative

SULPHUR SPRINGS — In early December, the calendar begins to fill with a myriad of activities. There's always the usual round of concerts, parades and holiday open houses, all predictable events. But a Sulphur Springs couple offers a unique alternative to the ordinary, a chance to view holiday movies in an underground theater. Continue Reading »

S December 7, 1941, 'a date which will live in infamy'

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

GENTRY — On this day 75 years ago, everything changed. It was on December 7, 1941, that Japan carried out a surprise air attack against Pearl Harbor, a U.S. naval base on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. Shortly before 8 a.m. Hawaiian time, two waves of Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo planes.... Continue Reading »

S Decatur Fire Department gets new trucks

DECATUR — A vital service to any small town is its fire department and the personnel who serve and protect that community. In Decatur there is a small band of firefighters dedicated to the protection of life and property. The Decatur Fire Department has undergone several changes over recent years.... Continue Reading »


S Gentry grapplers put on strong showing with four on the mat

GENTRY — Only four wrestlers from the Gentry squad wrestled on Nov. 29 in a match at Gentry High School, but those four put on a good showing for the team. Garrett Hays won his match against William Ramos from Springdale by a pin in the second period. Matthew Nance won his match against Jordi Villarreal by a score of 6 to 3. Nance's match lasted all three periods. Chance Cooper won his match against Alejandro Ramirez by pin in the first period. Austin "Shakes" Trimble lost both of his matches but competed well against both opponents. Continue Reading »


S KCS Holiday Express to visit Gravette Tuesday

GRAVETTE — The Holiday Express train operated by the Kansas City Southern railroad is scheduled to make a stop in Gravette next Tuesday, Dec. 13. Citizens in Gravette and the surrounding area have been planning for several weeks for the visit. The train will stop in Centennial Park, at the intersection of Arkansas Highways 59 and 72, at 4 p.m. Led by KCS' Southern Belle business train, the Holiday Express train includes the smiling tank car "Rudy"; a flatcar carrying Santa's sleigh, reindeer and a miniature village; a gingerbread boxcar; a newly remodeled elves' workshop; the reindeer stable; and a little red caboose. Each car is dressed in lights. Continue Reading »

S 'Christmas on Main Street' theme of Gentry parade

GENTRY — The annual Christmas parade in Gentry is set for 6 p.m. on Saturday, with lineup at 5:30 p.m. at Nelson's Feed Store (at Railway Avenue and Main Street), and will travel west down Main Street. "Christmas on Main Street" is the theme of this year's parade. Awards will again be given for best themed, best lighting, best music and best overall entries. Preregistration will not be necessary, but all parade entries should be at the lineup location at 5:30 for judging and placement in the parade. Santa Claus is expected to again make an appearance in the parade. Watch for him toward the end of the parade, high up on a Gentry firetruck. Continue Reading »

S Position open on Gravette school board

GRAVETTE — A vacancy exists on the Gravette Public School board of education due to the recent resignation of Bryan Johnson, according to an announcement by Richard Page, superintendent of Gravette schools. Johnson resigned, effective Nov. 23, and is relocating out of the school district. Continue Reading »

S Arrests

WESTSIDE — Gentry police cited and released Lisa Huffman, 39, of Gravette, in connection to a shoplifting incident at the EZ Mart in Gentry on Nov. 3. Huffman is alleged to have taken two containers of beer from the store in her purse, according to police reports. Continue Reading »

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S What is God's gracious election?

Some teach that fallen man still has a free will and can choose to believe or not believe. Others teach that God predestines some to be saved and others to be damned. Which is right? Can a sinful human being make a decision to accept Christ of his own will or choosing? Or, is a person saved or damned because of the irresistible will of the Almighty God? We look to the Bible, which is God's Word, for God's answer and find that neither of the two teachings above are correct. Continue Reading »

S We took a Thanksgiving trip to Ohio

Linda and I had been thinking of driving up to Ohio to see our family there since our youngest daughter, Faith Troyer, had her baby the first part of November. As we considered different dates and discussed our options with the Ohio folks, it just seemed the week of Thanksgiving would suit everyone best. Our granddaughter, Anna Jean, would be out of school from Wednesday.... Continue Reading »