S I sure am glad I'm me and not the same as other folks

It was about 2 a.m. and I was roused by a strange noise. The sound disappeared when I stopped snoring. Since I was awake, I decided to look out and see if the weather man was wrong again. I watched the snow float to the ground as I stood freezing my body in front of the big window. The yard light was just right to make the falling snow look almost magical. I know I would have enjoyed it more if I was retired and liked cold weather.... Continue Reading »

S Why must I die?

Many would put off and try to ignore the inevitable fact that they will one day die. And, yes, even believers die. Unless the Lord Jesus returns soon, I too will die. But, why must I die? The answer is found in the Scriptures, and most specifically in Genesis, chapter three. As a result of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, each and every one of us must die. Continue Reading »

S On Keeping the Sabbath

Editor, Continue Reading »

S Hints of spring appear in February

Hints of Spring appear in February. Although officially it's over three weeks away, we've seen clusters of bluets dotting the yard. Daffodils are up several inches high and some even have buds almost ready to open. Hyacinths too are springing up out beside the cellar. Even the birds seem to be heralding a new season as we hear them singing sweetly on the occasional warm day. Continue Reading »

S Clearing out vermin would have been judicious

I am enamored by the warm sun and gentle breeze. That is not mine originally. I do not write pretty little snippets of words, but I like that phrase and it was true for me. I had to look up some of the words. My close relative says things to me just to keep me confused.... Continue Reading »

S Father of our Nation deserves his own holiday

After looking through the pages of this year's calendar, I've come to the conclusion that it's time -- past time -- for America and Americans to again pay special tribute and recognition to "The Father of Our Country." Continue Reading »

S I've taken in plenty of strays over the years

I am a sucker for strays and, over the years, I have taken in quite a few. I don't always keep them, as my oldest sister can attest! I have probably given her three or four dogs, and oh, yeah, two of them were pregnant! But she has always been a good sport about it. Continue Reading »

S Regarding the Sabbath

Editor, Continue Reading »