S Right fuel important for young athletes

Exact calorie requirements vary by weight, height, gender and sport, but growing teen athletes may need to eat as many as 5,000 calories each day, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. The return to school means a return to sports for many middle- and high-school students.... Continue Reading »

S God forbids all forms of adultery

Weekly Devotion

"You shall not commit adultery." Exodus 20:14 — While we might commonly think of adultery only in the narrowest sense of being unfaithful to the marriage vow by engaging in a sexual relationship outside of marriage, this commandment of the LORD God really applies to all perversions of — all adulterating of — God's original design and intent for the marriage relationship described for us in Genesis 2:18ff. Thus, a person commits adultery when he or she is unfaithful to the marriage vow and has a sexual relationship outside of marriage; but a person also commits adultery through divorce, evil thoughts, pornography, fornication, sexual immorality, homosexuality, and any other sexual perversion.... Continue Reading »

S Cows come and go, but grands are the diamonds in this life!

Never trust a visitor to close a barn door or shut a gate. Visitors are not usually farm folks and they just don't understand the problems caused by such things. You can spend many hours redoing what was undone by the simplest thing, you know, like looping the chain around the post. The grands have the run of the place and they are careful about such things, but their friends are "visitors." Continue Reading »

S Sanctuary-city officials could face fines or imprisonment

The recent brutal rape of a 19-year-old woman in Burien, Wash., a Seattle suburb declared a sanctuary city, has refocused attention on the constitutionality of a city protecting an illegal alien. The Constitution should have protected her. But the issue is complicated by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created in 2012 by executive order by then president, Barack Obama. Continue Reading »

S I think we have gone plumb crazy!

To me it seems our nation and leaders have gone plumb crazy! In recent months and years, all logic and common sense has been abandoned. Instead, our people rally in support of the most ridiculous opinions and persuasions of our day. Yes, I'll say it: "We have become absolute fools!" I would use other descriptors, too, but do not wish to demean those to whom those descriptors by definition apply.... Continue Reading »

S You can be too hasty saddling a horse, especially a snorter!

Some horses just jump around, winking at bucking, and some of them will do the crow hop business, but Ben Haddock's old bay horse really can buck! We were all down at the creek and ready to head out to gather the cows for Ben's sale. He was finally ready to move to the west coast where heat and snow were not a factor in his golf game. Continue Reading »

S Have you committed murder?

Weekly Devotion

"You shall not murder." Exodus 20:13 Continue Reading »

S Your back-to-school good ZZZ's guide

The new school year is just around the corner, which means the lazy, relaxed days of summer are about to be replaced with hectic school mornings, homework and after-school activities. Most likely, your kids have been staying up late and sleeping in during the summer break, so getting them back to a healthy sleep routine may be a challenge. Continue Reading »

S Why should congress be exempted fromObamaCare and not you?

"If Obamacare is hurting people -- and it is -- why shouldn't it hurt the insurance companies, and why should Congress not be paying what the public pays?" tweeted the President. Donald Trump wants to remove privileged taxpayer subsidies to members of Congress, their staffs and insurance companies, at least until they pass something on healthcare. Continue Reading »

S Good, hot times are rolling!

August -- the month of Leo -- rolled around early this year. I know you're thinking to yourself, or maybe even lip-syncing aloud, "He's lost it again; August rolls around the same time every year. Early must be mixed up in his brain." Continue Reading »