S Is there bias in the news?

In the news business, we try to be very careful not to show bias in our reporting of the things which happen in our communities and around the world. We try, as it were, to check our baggage at the door and fairly report all sides of an issue without showing favoritism toward or discrimination against any one person, group or organization. But is that even possible? Can a person divorce himself from his views and opinions and give an honest and unbiased report on every issue? Continue Reading »

S A Tale or Tails of Cats

Readers of the 'cuff down through the years will remember mention was made several times of the experiences with cats in the Evans household. Their (the cats') antics mentioned often drew comments from readers who owned cats. There was often a comment about not being fair to dogs. We did adopt a couple of dogs, one of which was with us almost 15 years. And, when our daughter was at home, we went through the usual list of pets, ranging from goldfish to.... Continue Reading »

S Rigors of living in the country are many; yet we choose to stay and deal with whatever shows up

That is the question: put out hay or change pastures? If I put out the hay and they just stand around and mess it up, I have wasted another $20. If they are hungry and the grass hasn't started up real good, I have wasted more in lost time to gain or to ensure body score. What to do and be sure to do it right? The dilemmas of a poor old beef producer are broad and difficult to untangle. Continue Reading »

S Corrections Noted

The following is a correction to the March 18 article on the ribbon cutting at Dynamic Rhythm Dance Studio: Jodi Moore, owner of Dynamic Rhythm Dance Studio in Gravette, does not own the building where Dynamic Rhythm classes are held. She and her husband Shane just lease the building. She does hope to open a boutique type store in the back which will offer custom shirt designing. She is not zumba certified but plans to offer a dance cardio workout for adults in the future. Jodi has set June 6 as the date for her spring recital. Continue Reading »

S Let's get back to Standard Time Support HB 1947

One bill which was introduced in the Arkansas Legislature, House Bill 1947 by Rep. David Meeks of Conway, has my support. If it were passed by the House and Senate and signed by the governor, it would do away with Daylight Saving Time in Arkansas and leave us on Central Standard Time year round. Arguments offered in favor of the bill include studies indicating the time changes negatively affect people's health, causing an increase in heart attacks, fatigue and fatigue-related accidents. Continue Reading »

S We need to be ready for spring

Howdy from the tall feller who is enjoying the melting of the snow and the happy knowledge that March has arrived. I am smiling and chipper this morning even if I still need a coat to do the barn chores. I have lived through another winter and I did not rust or mildew anywhere I know of! All is rosy on the rock pile until I find a problem, that is the regular day, so I might just squint real hard today and see if I can wish them all away! My close relative has been up and swishing around since before daylight and planning all sorts of yard chores for her close family, me and the offspring. Continue Reading »