S Being thrifty is important but sitting on the pile of money can be too costly

I have an old cow; she isn't real old, but she has a big lump on her jaw. What am I gonna do with a lump-jawed old cow? She eats, raising a good big calf, and seems like she feels good. If I had a truck load of money, I would have already hauled her in to the vet to see what he would diagnose, but that truck hasn't gotten here yet! Continue Reading »

S The only way to curb evil is with an equal or greater force

Though it has been more than 30 years since I sat in his class, I can still remember an ethics professor at the seminary explaining that the only way to curb forces bent on evil is with an equal or greater force defending what is good. Yes, that was during the Cold War and arms race era and we all understood it to have application in the political realm, but I think it also has application to the sphere of our daily lives. What my professor knew and what every Bible believer holds to be true is the evident truth hat people — yes, all people — are corrupted by sinful longings and inclinations. Continue Reading »

S Is China selling us the rope to hang ourselves?

Corn pone: noun, Southern U.S., 1. Corn bread, especially of a plain or simple kind. Adjective, 1. Of or characteristic of an unsophisticated rural person, especially from the South: a corn pone accent. Continue Reading »

S ...about town By Decatur Mayor Bob Tharp

July is highlighted this year as "Annual Decatur Barbecue Festival" month. On Aug. 1, Decatur will celebrate its 62nd consecutive Barbecue Festival. This event has become home to many Nashville entertainers, and this year is no exception. Our theme is "A Family Affair!" Continue Reading »

S This weather's not fit for the dogs

Guess we're in what they call the dog days of summer but, personally, I don't think the weather we've been having is even fit for a dog. Jim finally put in the air conditioner a couple of weekends ago and on these hot afternoons we don't have much incentive to do anything other than sit in the living room and enjoy the cool. Miss Abby has gotten a case of "the lazies" too and spends most of her time stretched out in the shade in the backyard. Continue Reading »

S Why is Springtown keeping folks out?

Can a town keep people out because of differing political views? It sounds pretty un-American, doesn't it. Yet, that appears to be what is taking place in Springtown. Though the majority of the town council approved a voluntary annexation petition for five properties to be added to the town, resulting in population growth and an increase in the town's voter and tax base, the mayor, his councilwoman wife and another council member have voted and vetoed to keep the petitioners out. Continue Reading »

S Okra is a garden favorite of mine

Growing up in Louisiana, we ate a lot of "okrie." And we ate it cooked in various ways. Of course, my favorite way to eat okra is to cut it up, roll it in cornmeal and deep fry it. Eaten together with cornbread, purple hull peas, baby limas and fresh, sliced tomatoes, you'll have a really great meal. When I was a boy, my mom would also throw a few small okra pods into.... Continue Reading »

S Roads are always relevant

It's time to revisit roads, streets and highways. Those are topics that are always relevant, just as are schools, government at every level, good-old-country and small-town living, and don't forget the weather. It's always a viable topic, something we have little or no control over, though the conflicting experts try to convince us otherwise. But back to the first-line topics: roads, streets and highways. Continue Reading »

S Pluto will always be a ninth planet to me

When I was a mere lad of 5, I fell in love with space, not just the space around us but outer space, deep space. I remember when Alan Shepard lifted off the launch pad and into the history books as the first American in space. I remember watching all the Gemini and Apollo missions and 12 men walking on the moon. Continue Reading »

S The rain has provided much-needed relief

The creek came out of the banks and covered the pasture. I had moved the heifers and prepared for the onslaught of water but I sure didn't expect what came. I guess I have been watching that creek for nigh on to 50 years and have never seen such a sight. But, then, I still can't complain about the rain. Yes, all the ponds are full of nice clean water and the grass is pocket high to a tall cowboy. Continue Reading »