S Aging on a feller does not automatically add wisdom

The sunshine has been a little sparse this spring and yet we had better not complain as the rain is sensitive to insults and we'd like to keep it around for the rest of the summer. I like going into the summer with full ponds and lots of grass. My boots have been wet so much that the leather is beginning to draw up and crinkle. I could but I can't wear rubber boots all day and be comfortable. Continue Reading »

S Yes, I do raise a few dandelions!

I mowed the other day but my yard is still full of them, those pretty yellow flowers which bloom every spring and early summer. Even though they're kind of pretty, most people don't like dandelions all that much. I guess it's because they tend to take over a lawn and keep the grass from growing into one spotless green carpet. And so, people spend a fortune on chemicals and sprays to kill them off; and some even spend hours digging them out. Of course, others of us who seem to be in the business of raising them aren't too popular with the neighbors.... Continue Reading »

S April is always such a beautiful time in the Ozarks

April is always such a beautiful time in the Ozarks. The rolling hills are dotted with blooming redbud trees, the grass is greening up and growing taller and taller and the temperatures are much milder. The golden forsythia bushes were joined this month with blossoming japonica and flowering almond as Mother Nature put on quite a show. Now that we have reached mid-month, the lovely foliage of the peonies has emerged and the early purple iris out by the cellar are beginning to bloom. In only a few days we will have another explosion of color and fragrance. Continue Reading »

S Letter to the Editor

Editor, Continue Reading »

S I'm putting the crunch back into dieting

This business of trying to lose a few pounds is for the birds, figuratively speaking, that is. As the years have piled up so has the poundage and the resulting problem of keeping those extra inches around the waist under control. Continue Reading »

S Pretty cows that have pretty calves and blow snot in your hip pocket need to belong to someone else

I have said, and will say it again, a cranky cow should go to town before she has a chance to hurt me, or someone else. I have preached this since I was run down and wallered around as a young feller. All the cattle in the world are not worth dying for. Not a one of my cows or the high-dollar bulls on the place are worth a broken neck or back. Continue Reading »

S Yes, I dreaded the day, but it wasn't so bad!

I rued the coming of that day but there was no stopping it. It came anyway. My wife woke me early and wished me a happy 60th, but I told her, "Not yet. I still have a few hours left of being 59." I wasn't going to turn 60 any sooner than necessary. But the day came and went and, like it or not, I'm now 60.... Continue Reading »

S About town with Decatur Mayor Bob Tharp

April is highlighted this year as "Volunteer Fire Department Month." Continue Reading »