S Birthright citizenship does not exist in the Constitution.

Amazingly, presidential candidate Donald Trump is right; birthright citizenship does not exist in the Constitution. The establishment media, including Fox News, jumped all over Mr. Trump like a swarm of Africanized honey bees over a pot of honey, attempting to portray him as ignorant on the Constitution. Although he may be on many other things, he is dead right on this part of his recently released immigration plan. Even Bill O’Reilly, on the O’Reilly Factor, ignorantly castigated him on this point. Trump held his ground that the 14th Amendment never authorization birthright citizenship. The ignorance of the establishment press is overwhelming. Continue Reading »

S Moving toward a fall garden

Well, Linda and I made it back from vacationing in Colorado. The past few days I have been working in the garden. The weather has been phenomenal. I mean the cooler temperatures are great! They bring to mind the coming fall weather which I love so well. Let me ask you this: Have you ever met anyone who didn't like fall weather? As for me, I would not want to meet such a person. Continue Reading »

S Let the Hunger Games Begin: The 2016 Presidential Election

Let the Hunger Games Begin: The 2016 Presidential Election! Actually, the games have been going on for some time, as they do every four years when the mega rich essentially elect our president through their super packs and media outlets. The "game" part of the process is how it is done, causing the people to believe that they choose their president when they do not. I have told my students for years that the quickest way to understand our political system is to watch the movie: "The Hunger Games. Continue Reading »

S It must be election day soon!

Don't forget to vote next Tuesday. Continue Reading »

S Your computer could be spying on you!

If your privacy is of any concern when you turn on your computer, you might wish to think again before updating to some of the latest and greatest operating systems on the market. With a little research, you might be alarmed at the amount of data proprietary software companies gather on you when you use their products. Continue Reading »

S We all win some and lose some

I knew when I saw the hulk lying on the ground that I was facing a problem. The bulls had been so nice and calm for months and, so, I checked them by driving by at a gallop every morning and much better when I feed at night. I was certainly not prepared for what I saw. Continue Reading »

S I've got more rushing yards than the Denver Broncos

I can't believe school has already started! And that means it's also time for football games to begin, with weekly coverage of games and sports stories to write and photographs to take. Taking quality photos at the games is always a challenge, especially when darkness comes earlier and the low light forces me to use higher and higher ISO settings which also reduce the image quality. Continue Reading »

S Count your blessings, hot weather and all

The sunshine is sure wonderful, mostly in the month of January, and we need the rays to make things grow and keep us healthy. I am healthy and can say, for one, that I have about had enough of the rays for awhile. The wonderful humidity is just doing its thing, keeping us wet with our own juices! I drink and it runs down my face and keeps my shirt wet. No, I am not complaining, just observing. Continue Reading »

S Midsummer Garden Update

Linda and I have been busy with garden things. I go out most every day and pick what needs picking. We have been getting quite a few tomatoes and purple hull peas -- also, jalapeno peppers. The Lima beans are blooming like crazy and are forming pods, so I will soon be busy picking and shelling beans. It's kind of my job to pick and shell, and Linda does the canning. Continue Reading »

S It's back-to-school time, ready or not

Wow! It's back to school time already! Where did the summer go? The big yellow buses were lined up Monday morning unloading students to start another year of hitting the books. Most of the youngsters I talked to in recent weeks weren't really too anxious to go back. They'd just as soon extend their break a bit longer, but today's kids are very adaptable. They'll soon be back in the groove and off and running learning new things. Continue Reading »