Gravette quarterback Bryce ...

S Gravette shuts out Huntsville

GRAVETTE -- Two teams harboring playoff aspirations spent the first half Friday dancing around the middle of the Lion Stadium field trading short jabs. Gravette's defense finally landed the knockout punches against Huntsville. Continue Reading »

S The solar eclipse became visible in Gentry at sunset

GENTRY -- Thursday's solar eclipse provided a near-perfect opportunity to view such an event when the sun and moon dropped below the clouds just before sunset. Continue Reading »


S Decatur Bulldogs post another loss n Seventh grade team beats Hector Wildcats, 6-0

DECATUR -- The Decatur Bulldogs made a long three and a half hour trip to central Arkansas to take on the Hector Wildcats, the number four team in the state. The Wildcats were undefeated in conference play and number one in the league. From the start, the Bulldogs struggled against a team that was bigger, stronger and more aggressive. The first half was dominated by the Wildcats and they held the Bulldogs scoreless. Hector racked up 19 points in the first quarter and 20 points in the second to take a commanding lead into the locker room at the half, 39 to 0. The second half was a different story. The Bulldogs managed to hold the Wildcats scoreless throughout the third and fourth quarters.... Continue Reading »


S SSRH offers tips to be emergency ready

How ready are you to deal with a personal medical emergency? The Siloam Springs Regional Hospital Emergency Department (ED) has some pointers to help you recognize an emergency and how you can aid our staff in treating you. When do you need to go to the ED? Consider these factors to avoid wasting precious time wondering if you need treatment: Continue Reading »

S E.H. Club News

The Maysville Extension Homemakers met for its October meeting with Jane Wilbur as hostess. Melinda read "Another Chance" and Jane Wilbur read an inspirational card. Jane offered an interesting lesson on displaying collections. People collect just about everything imaginable from salt and pepper shakers to baskets to toy cars. Many times our collections remain in boxes and drawers. Why not display them where they can be enjoyed, even if only a few of the items can be displayed? Continue Reading »

S Board hears suggestions to improve Gentry test scores

GENTRY -- School board members, at their Oct. 21 meeting, heard a list of recommendations from Cheryl Braun, unsuccessful candidate for the at-large school board seat in the September school board election. Continue Reading »

S Decatur mayoral candidates share views

DECATUR -- In order to provide an opportunity to the Decatur mayoral candidates and assist Decatur voters in choosing their mayor, Decatur's two mayor candidates -- incumbent Charles Linam and challenger Robert Tharp -- were sent a questionnaire from the Eagle Observer. Their responses are reprinted below unedited: Continue Reading »


S What if Martin Luther was alive today....

On Friday, Oct. 31, many Christians celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation. It was on All Hallows' Eve, the eve of All Saints' Day, in the year 1517, when a German monk and university professor named Martin Luther nailed 95 theses for debate on the door (the bulletin board of the day) of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. These statements for debate, which challenged the sale of indulgences and the authority of the Roman papacy to establish doctrine and practice contrary to the Holy Scriptures, sparked the Lutheran Reformation and reformation movements in other European lands ... My question, however, is this: What would happen if Martin Luther were alive today? Continue Reading »

S A little doctrine continued

What is the Gospel? Continue Reading »

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