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Photo by Randy Moll

S Gravette High band entertains fans

GRAVETTE — The Gravette High School marching band entertains football fans with its halftime routines and performances each week and the students deserve credit for all their hard work. Continue Reading »

S Lions run over Bulldogs for first win of season

GRAVETTE — The Lions got the better of the visiting Jay (Okla.) Bulldogs on Friday, scoring three touchdowns in the opening quarter and another in the third quarter to take a big 26-7 win in the nonconference game on Friday night. Continue Reading »

S Council approves streetlight additions, requests speed-limit change

GENTRY — City council on Sept. 11 voted to add some streetlights to the city and request changes to the posted speed limits on Gentry Boulevard (Arkansas Highway 59). A resolution adding some additional street lights and upgrading a few others was approved by the council at its September meeting Continue Reading »


S Greenland, Gentry stage one for the ages

GREENLAND — The guy firing the celebratory cannon had to stay on high-alert at Greenland Stadium on Friday night. It has been a long-standing tradition that the small mounted artillery at the southwest corner of the field be fired after each Pirates touchdown. By the end of the night, 11 loud pops echoed through the warm night air as Greenland and Gentry put on a near-record offensive showcase in the nonconference clash. The Pirates pulled an old hook-and-lateral play out of the bag late to win it in regulation by a wild score of 76-71. It was the most combined points scored in a regulation high school football game ever in Northwest Arkansas, and the second-most ever between two Arkansas prep teams. Continue Reading »


S Local Iraqi Freedom vet speaks to elementary classes in Decatur

DECATUR — Everybody who was around on Sept. 11, 2001, remembers the pain and anger they felt as they watched the United States under attack by a cowardly enemy. Those who witnessed this event unfold on live television that day stopped for a moment on Sept. 11, 2017, the 16th anniversary, to remember those who perished in that attack. The end result of the 911 attack on New York, Washington D. C, and Shanksville, Penn., led the United States into a race to get a ruthless dictator out of power and restore freedom to a country ravaged by decades of war with its neighbors and the world. The war was code-named "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Decatur resident Robert Hill spoke to the combined third-grade classes of Leslie Thompson, Bobbi Turner and Mandi Taylor at Decatur Northside Elementary School on Sept. 15 about his experiences.... Continue Reading »


GENTRY — What's happening at the Gentry Senior center during September and October? Some of the events follow below: • Kent Kerr, one of the Meals on Wheels volunteers, is leading Bible study on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. • On Thursdays, at 10:30 a.m., is quilting and crafting. Bring a project or learn a new craft. • Exercise equipment, Wii bowling, bean bag baseball and table games are available every day. • On Sept. 28 and 29, there will be a yard sale at the Center. Seniors may bring items to sell, and a small donation from the proceeds will go to the Senior Center's meal program. What does not sell will be donated to a resale shop. Continue Reading »

S Highfill pays unbudgeted bills, balks at line-item waiver

HIGHFILL — It was clear at the Sept. 12 council meeting that council members were not pleased about the need to take money out of the city's general savings to pay for unbudgeted expenditures of the Highfill Police Department, and the council balked at giving the mayor permission to authorize departments to exceed budget line items so long as the departments do not exceed their total budgets. Continue Reading »

S Gentry teen among those killed in Oklahoma crash

Lily Murphy was a 2017 graduate of Gentry High School

GENTRY — According to Associated Press news reports, Lily Murphy, 18, of Gentry was among those killed in a fatal crash late Sunday night. Murphy was a 2017 graduate of Gentry High School, was on the cheerleading squad and wrote for the school newspaper. Continue Reading »

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S Sunday was important but forgotten holiday

Sunday, Sept. 17, was arguably the most forgotten designated day in America. The mainstream media scarcely mentioned it. No parades or city council proclamations took place. Little or nothing was said of it last week in the classroom. There was no three-day weekend and no beer busts or barbeques in its favor. It is as though it never happened. Probably not one in 10 can say what happened on this day in 1787 because the special day has been ignored so long. But this day positively affected everyone in the United States and is probably the most important day in our history, the day that we institutionalized liberty in America. Continue Reading »

S I have proof the devil is real

Not many people believe in the devil anymore, but I see definitive proof of his existence and workings. No, he's not the little red man with horns and a pitchfork as many -- and especially the devil -- would have people believe. He's a fallen angel, a powerful spirit, not visible to our eyes unless he chooses to take on a visible form. The Bible describes him and those other angels who fell with him as "principalities ... powers ... rulers of the darkness of this age ... spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (Ephesians 6:12). Jesus calls the devil a "murderer" and a "liar" because he.... Continue Reading »