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S Tired Iron showgrounds come to life

GENTRY — Once again the put, put, put of old hit-and-miss engines could be heard, saws buzzed as logs were reduced to timbers and planed to finished lumber, and the clanking of hammers on red-hot iron turned shapeless metal into works of art and useful tools. Tractors, with their unique engine sounds, could be heard each day. Continue Reading »

S Gravette museum to host 'My Collections' exhibit Saturday

GRAVETTE — The Gravette Historical Museum will host its annual "My Collections" special exhibit this Saturday, according to an announcement from Steve Mitchael, museum commission chairman. The exhibit will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 22 in the museum annex, 501 Charlotte Street, S.E. Continue Reading »

S Decatur Chamber Easter Egg Hunt

DECATUR — Kids of all ages gathered in Decatur's Veterans Park April 15 to search for hidden plastic eggs filled with goodies like Tootsie Rolls and other candy treats. More than 100 Decatur area residents and other visitors gathered in the park to participate in the Decatur Chamber of Commerce's annual Easter Egg Hunt which was sponsored by Handy Mart/Junction 59 and Vivitar of Northwest Arkansas. Continue Reading »


S Freshman Kildow piling up Ks for Gravette

GRAVETTE — The Arkansas women's softball team has a long wait after recently receiving a verbal commitment from a promising young star. Cally Kildow of Gravette is only a freshman in high school. That's bad news for opponents of the Lady Lions, but good news for Gravette coach Taos Jones. "We were chomping at the bit to get her here for varsity, and she's certainly a difference-maker on a team with a good group of young kids," Gravette coach Taos Jones said. "I'm an Arkansas alum and a Hog fan and I'll get to go watch her play some day. But we have her for three more years and I'm certainly happy about that." Kildow has been dominant as a freshman with a 9-1 record and a 0.69 earned run average. Continue Reading »


S Sulphur making comeback, much happening

SULPHUR SPRINGS — The idea that Sulphur Springs is a withering community has lately surfaced. However, those who only look from the outside aren't aware of the community happenings underneath the city's exterior. There's a lot of activity in Sulphur Springs to clean up and fix up properties, for instance. One such community activity happened April 12 at the Sulphur Springs volunteer fire station. In fact, three simultaneous events happened there. One was the chance for some of the 13 certified firefighters to show off their newly acquired first responders' rescue truck. Another activity involved Easter and the annual egg hunt in the park. Continue Reading »

S Decatur students work to make changes in school culture

DECATUR — "How can we change the way people look at ourselves and our school?" This was the question that four eighth grade students at Decatur Middle School asked during a casual conversation one day. Ithzel Martinez, Joseph Chang, Dora Hernandez and Ashley Herrera were sitting in Joli Sotallora's classroom at Decatur Middle School working on an English assignment when the subject of why they are treated differently because they attend a smaller school cropped up. Chang, who had moved away from Decatur for a short time, had experienced the different cultures of a larger school district and that of Decatur. Continue Reading »

S Park Advisory Committee assigned numerous tasks

GENTRY — The Gentry Parks Advisory Committee met on April 12 and members were asked to begin thinking about the direction the city should take on a number of programs and projects related to the city's parks and recreational opportunities. Continue Reading »

S Decatur police search for man in connection to traffic offenses and possible warrant

DECATUR — Decatur police officers had their hands full April 10 after a short car chase ended with the driver fleeing into a wooded area near Decatur Branch Creek in the northwestern Decatur. Continue Reading »

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S Morel mushrooms, wild greens are gifts of spring

The warm weather of spring encourages all sorts of good things to pop up and grow. One of the joys of living in the Ozarks is all the edible wild plants that can be found in the area. For Jim and I, finding a patch of morel mushrooms is a real treat. Outdoor writer Joel Vance agrees. He wrote in an article in "Country America" many years ago that they were "one of the greatest gifts of spring." Continue Reading »

S Life is futile, unless....

There is a passage in the book of Ecclesiastes which reads: "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow" (Eccl. 1:18). And how true this is! While I don't claim to be wise like Solomon, I have learned enough to see the end of so much that people in this world seek after. And, yes, it's sad and painful to watch and know the vanity and grasping after the wind which rightly applies to so many of the things for which people live. Perhaps it's because I've read the end of the book, but so much of what is offered and even pushed upon us in this world is pointless. Continue Reading »