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S Gentry seniors graduate Sunday

GENTRY — For 101 Gentry High School seniors, Sunday's graduation ceremonies in the Bill George Arena at John Brown University in Siloam Springs marked the end of their high school years and the beginning of college or a career in the workforce or military. Continue Reading »

S Decatur seniors awarded more than $200,000 in scholarships

DECATUR — Students, faculty, staff and administrators, along with family and friends, gathered at Peterson Gym in Decatur for the Decatur High School Academics Awards and Scholarships program May 8. Several local businesses, including Grand Savings Bank, Decatur Medic Clinic, Carroll Electric, Community Blood Drive and Greenlawn Farm, handed out.... Continue Reading »

S Builders Club donates $5,000 to new hospital

GRAVETTE — Officers of the Gravette Middle School Builders Club recently presented a $5,000 check to Malcom Winters, treasurer of the local Kiwanis Club, to be donated to the new Northwest Arkansas Children's Hospital being built in Springdale. The money was raised by Builders Club members the last couple of years in various fundraising projects. Continue Reading »


S Wendt honors grandfather's memory, runs in 5K event

DECATUR — "On April 11 (2016), my desire to run in track or cross country came to a crashing halt. The one person that gave me 100 percent of support in my running was gone," Rebekah Wendt recounted in a letter she read to the 75-plus participants, volunteers and spectators during the opening ceremony of the first annual Gayland Van Dyke Memorial 5K Run at Veterans Park in Decatur May 13. Lifelong Decatur resident Gayland Van Dyke was always proud of his family, his friends and the community he lived in his entire life. He was particularly proud of his granddaughter Rebekah and would always attend as many of her sporting events as he could. He was her cheering section. His presence always made Rebekah try a little harder. Continue Reading »


S School holds 10th annual Buddy Day

GRAVETTE — Glenn Duffy Elementary School at Gravette held its 10th annual Buddy Day Friday, May 5. With all the rainy weather that preceded the day, Melissa Pittman, physical education teacher for kindergarten through second grade students and Buddy Day coordinator, was delighted that the day was a sunny one. There was a slight breeze but not enough to interfere with the children's enjoyment of the various outdoor games featured at the field day event. Children rotated between various game stations and enjoyed a variety of events, including scooter and wagon races, football toss, miniature golf, water-gun duels, face painting, nerf sword fighting, hopper ball, a mister and buried treasure game. Continue Reading »

S $1.336 million awarded to Gentry students in scholarships

GENTRY — Gentry High School seniors were awarded scholarships at a scholarship awards ceremony on Monday, May 8, with the approximate total of all scholarships awarded being $1,336,491.00. The Gentry High School scholarship fund awarded scholarships to the following students: Destiny Bolles, Rebecca Brown, Lauren Cargill, Heaven Coker, Avarie Coones, Cole Cripps, Nova Edwards, Amber Ellis, Jakeb Ernest, Xitali Estrada, Evan Folker, Derek German, Whitney Holt, Eden Hosteter, Kyle Kilgore, Sidney Kinser, Michael Lee, Colton Little, Fiona Long, Gavin Martin, Autumn McMurtrey, Minoah Milam, Wyatt Philpott, Lydia Pye, Braden Rector, Laura Reyes, Jazlyn Sanderson, Alexandra Savage, Yuliana Stasiv.... Continue Reading »

S Gravette father, son found dead in auto shop

SPRINGDALE — A father and son died in an auto shop last week, likely from generator emissions, police said. Emergency responders found the bodies of Travis Walls, 35, and his adolescent son (Traver Walls) Friday at 4262 S. Thompson St., said Lt. Jeff Taylor of the Springdale Police Department. Absolute Auto Glass is listed as being at that address. Continue Reading »

S Council accepts bid for bus barn property

GRAVETTE — In a special meeting Thursday, May 4, Gravette city council members accepted a bid of $46,501 from David Marrs of Bentonville for purchase of the north side of the old bus barn property. Two other bids were received for the property, both from John Lykins, of $45,000 and $47,000. Continue Reading »

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S Not getting enough sleep a health risk

Healthy Living

Don't lose sleep — Not sleeping well is more than an inconvenience. Are you counting sheep or the items on tomorrow's "to do" list all night? If so, you may want to examine your overall health. It takes more than a morning cup of coffee to recover from the effects of lack of sleep. While you sleep, your body does a lot of essential chores: it repairs damaged tissues, secretes hormones and pulls the day's experiences together into long-term memories. Without enough sleep, your physical and mental well-being can suffer.... Continue Reading »

S News-blues, highway news, with other projects on the side

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to do a little critique of the cable TV news networks, just listen to all of them a bit, just long enough to let their prognosticators have enough time to convince me they are the real experts who have all the answers to solve our nation's problems. What a challenge. There are hundreds of those know-it-all experts who always seem to preface what they say with, "the fact is...." and then drift off into never-never land. Continue Reading »