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S Decatur Roman Catholic community declared quasi-parish

DECATUR -- On Sept. 23, Father Stanley Rother, the first official martyr born in the United States, was beatified during a mass attended by more than 20,000 people in Oklahoma City, Okla. He is also the first U.S. priest to be beatified. The following day, Sept. 24, the Decatur Catholic community became the first church in the world to be named in his honor -- The Blessed Father Stanley Francis Rother Mission -- during a mass held at Decatur Northside Elementary School. The Decatur church is a mission of St. Mary Catholic Church in Siloam Springs. Continue Reading »

S It's homecoming week in Gravette

Three vie for homecoming queen title

GRAVETTE — It's homecoming week at Gravette High School and three senior girls are vying for the title of Homecoming Queen 2017 -- Isabella Dell, Katie Garrett and Hailee Gerner -- which will be announced in homecoming ceremonies on Lion Field at 6:30 p.m. Friday. Continue Reading »

S Man arrested in connection with brutal Gravette rape

GRAVETTE — A Gravette woman who was raped and beaten told police her attacker got into her house after knocking on the door and asking to use her phone, court documents show. Continue Reading »


S Faulkenberry leads Gentry past Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE — Senior quarterback Jon Faulkenberry broke the game open in the second half with a couple of long touchdown runs Friday night, leading his Gentry Pioneers to a 42-28 victory over Huntsville. Faulkenberry tallied 200 rushing yards on 18 carries, while completing 7 of 10 passes for another 117. "It's fun to score, and we've been fortunate enough to ride some pretty good coattails," Pioneers coach Paul Ernest said with a grin after the game. Gentry outgained Huntsville 533-347 in total offense, as the Pioneers racked up 416 yards on the ground. Myles McFerron ran the ball 25 times for Gentry, finishing with 133 yards including a 5-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Continue Reading »


S Upper Elementary celebrates library opening, RISE kickoff

GRAVETTE — Friday, Oct. 6, was a red letter day for the students at Gravette Upper Elementary School. They gathered shortly before 10 a.m. on the campus behind the school and surrounded the new library courtyard. They were joined by several adults. Many had balloons. You could feel the excitement in the air as they celebrated the grand opening of the new Upper Elementary library, an event they had eagerly anticipated since the beginning of the school year. The recently constructed Upper Elementary addition added seven new classrooms and almost doubled the size of the school's library. Continue Reading »

S Gentry Medical Center welcomes Dr. Carl Duncan

GENTRY — The providers and staff are proud to announce the arrival of Dr. Carl Duncan. Dr. Duncan is not new to the area. He was on staff at the Siloam Springs Medical Center in Siloam Springs for years. He joins the Gentry Medical Center in Gentry after working for two years for Cherokee Nation Health Services. "I have always felt a calling to serve others and my time at Sam Hider Health Center in Jay allowed me to work in an underserved area and provide quality care for many who are struggling to just get by," Dr. Duncan stated. Specializing in family medicine, he provides a full range of healthcare services spanning from infancy through adulthood, with a particular emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle for all ages. Continue Reading »

S Council selects bridge professionals, approves rezoning requests

GENTRY — The Gentry City Council, on Oct. 2, selected professionals for bridge repair on the Dawn Hill Bridge, assigned newly-annexed lands to a city ward and rezoned two properties. Garver, CEI of Bentonville and ESI of Springdale were selected in that order as professionals.... Continue Reading »

S Bulldogs to celebrate homecoming Oct. 13

DECATUR — "Who will be crowned the 2017 Decatur High School homecoming queen?" This question that will be answered at 6 p.m., Oct. 13, at Bulldog Stadium in Decatur. Vying for the top spot this year are senior maids Mathline Jesse, Leticia Fuentes, Jazmine Godines and Cheyanne Malone. Continue Reading »

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S What's really wrong with America?

What's really wrong with America? What changed the nation's course and led us down a path which makes our nation — our society — almost unrecognizable to those of us who still remember another America? People answer these questions a number of different ways. Many point to our nation's ills — to things like abortion, euthanasia, sexual aberrations, lack of self-esteem and respect for others and drug and alcohol abuse. But these are only the symptoms and result of a far deeper cause.... Continue Reading »

S Our different ways of thinking make the world an interesting place

The sun comes up in the east every morning, the same way it did during the settling of this country. The pioneers faced the west and headed out, not knowing if the next day would be theirs or not. That is not the exact way we live but, brother, we don't know either! A bad wreck on the highway, a heart attack, stroke or the revenge of a cow when you grab her new calf to tag are all potentially fatal. So, when I saw the sun come up this morning, I was sure tickled! Continue Reading »