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S Gentry High School students now enrolled in on-campus CNA course

GENTRY -- In an effort to offer local students more opportunities and better provide them with the skills needed to obtain jobs upon graduation, Gentry High School, in partnership with Northwest Arkansas Community College, is hosting its first CNA class this fall and has 11 students enrolled. The class, which meets for one hour each school day, provides students.... Continue Reading »

S Local twins take through hike on Appalachian Trail

GENTRY -- What started several years ago as a wish turned into a 2,189.2-mile walk this summer for the Coder twins, Samuel and Daniel, 19, as the duo hiked from Georgia to Maine, completing the full length of the Appalachian Trail ... "It's something I really wanted to do," Samuel said, and the trip finally became a reality a few years later when his brother, Daniel, agreed to go along for the hike which passes through 14 states.... Continue Reading »


S Soccer team members presented championship rings

GENTRY -- For the players on the 2015 state championship girls' soccer team it was another special night on Friday as they were again honored in a special ceremony before the football scrimmage and presented with their championship rings. Coach Fabrizio Campagnola presented the rings to the players, one-by-one, in the pregame ceremony in Pioneer Stadium as their names were announced. The girls smiled and unboxed their rings and put them on in celebration of their success on the soccer field. Continue Reading »


S Lions Club celebrates two years

GRAVETTE -- The Gravette Lions Club recently completed its second year as a local service club and has made great strides since it was chartered on June 30, 2013. The main focus of the Lions Club still remains its efforts to provide free eye tests for children and to secure eyeglasses and treatment for persons needing them. Members of the club will be assisting with eye tests at Glenn Duffy Elementary School on Oct. 7 and 8, beginning at 9 a.m. The club collects eyeglasses for recycling, and receptacles where they may be donated are located at Austin Drug, Teasley Drug, Arvest Bank, Bank of Gravett, Care and Share, Roberts-Philpott Eye Associates, Subway, the In Zone and the Gravette Public Library. One hundred and seventy-four pairs of eyeglasses were sent to the Lions recycling center in Texas this spring. Continue Reading »

S Final 'First Saturday" event set for this weekend

GRAVETTE -- The Greater Gravette Chamber of Commerce is planning its final "First Saturday" event of the summer from 4 to 8 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 6. The "First Saturday" celebration is designed with activities for the whole family. GGCC secretary Amanda Gittlein describes it as "an event that will allow the community to better connect with one another while offering something all ages can enjoy." Everyone is invited to attend and enjoy food and activities throughout the evening. Events are open to the community, with most taking place on Gravette Main Street. Continue Reading »

S Gayla raises funds for Gravette library

GRAVETTE -- Several folks donned boots, jeans and cowboy hats and traveled out to the Barn at Big Springs on Beaty Road Saturday evening, Aug. 22, to attend the third annual Gravette Library gala and auction. This year's event had a "Hoedown" theme and decorations reflected that theme. Continue Reading »

S Bulldogs win first-ever volleyball game against Lady Wolves

DECATUR -- The Decatur volleyball program reached a milestone Aug. 25 when the team won its first volleyball game against an aggressive Lincoln team in Peterson Gym. The program started in January when two students, Mailee Xiong and Shaney Lee, approached Jessica Hartman and Jessi Castagna with the idea of starting a volleyball team at Decatur High School. The Decatur sports' program never included a volleyball team before and this would be new unexplored territory for the Decatur athletic program. Continue Reading »


S Founder of Planned Parenthood part of eugenics movement

On November 24, 1859, Charles Darwin’s book, “On the Origin of Species,” was published. The full title was “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.” Mr. Darwin believed that white Europeans were the favored races. Mr. Darwin’s cousin, Sir Francis Galton, took Darwin’s teachings on natural selection and survival of the fittest and began to apply them to human reproduction. He coined the term “eugenics,” which comes.... Continue Reading »

S Every little thing done causes a reaction

I am coming to you from the deep piles of stuff in the barn. I am tired and I won't be broadcasting long as I believe my air is about gone! Yes sir, this is a job I have put off for way too long and I am sorry as I can be today! I thought of doing it a couple of months ago but decided to wait until cooler weather, and now I wish I had, at the very least, started! Continue Reading »

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