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New PA joins Medi Clinic

DECATUR -- The Decatur Medi Clinic announced the addition of a new physician assistant to its clinic located on 346 N. Main Street in Decatur. Jesse Stafford, M.S. PA-C (master of science physician's assistant -- certified), will join forces with Dr. Kim Mitchell-Silver to provide Decatur area residents with the best medical service possible. Continue Reading »

Superintendent's contract extended, Winslett promoted to assistant superintendent

GENTRY — The Gentry School Board, on Monday, extended the contract of Randy Barrett, district superintendent, one year and transferred Judy Winslett from her current position as federal programs and curriculum coordinator to a new position as assistant superintendent of schools for the Gentry District. Continue Reading »


Gentry wins two against Berryville

Boys' two-team system helps Gentry in win

GENTRY — Coach Sean Price's new strategy of playing with a two-team system appears to be working. It certainly surprises Gentry opponents when a whole new squad comes in to substitute and plays a whole new style of game, moving and passing the ball around the court until one of the players finds an opening and breaks for a shot under the goal. The Gentry boys did that last night against Berryville. Though it appeared Berryville had the upper hand early in the first quarter, the tactics of the new squad quickly put the Pioneers back in the game when Cole Cripps broke through the defense to shoot and score under the basket. Continue Reading »


Going fishing six and a half days a week

"And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men." Luke 5:10 (Read 1-11) I remember when I was contemplating studying for the ministry, an uncle of mine jokingly told me being a pastor was a great job because you only had to work a half day a week and you could go fishing the rest of the time. To be honest with you, it's even better than that. A pastor's job allows him to go fishing every day of the week. And, of course, the same is true for every Christian.... Continue Reading »

Hometown Events

A breakfast will be served at Highfill United Methodist Church on Saturday, Feb. 7, from 8 until 10:30 a.m. Payment would be appreciated in the form of a food or money donation to the church's food pantry ... "Simply Fun with Cooking" is the name of a special cooking seminar to be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 17, at the Gentry United Methodist Church. The cooking class, sponsored by the Gentry Senior Activity and Wellness Center, will feature chef Janet Covey Novotny. She will speak and demonstrate preparing a four-course meal. Registration for the seminar is $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Proceeds will benefit the Senior Center's meal program. Door prizes will be given away. To preregister, contact Jackie Bader at the Gentry Senior Center, 479-736-0378. Continue Reading »

Do area schools inflate grades?

WESTSIDE -- Do high marks in school necessarily mean a student is achieving? That may depend on whether grades are inflated or if they accurately reflect a student's proficiency in required subjects. In a document shared last week with the Gentry School Board, Arkansas school districts were graded on their grading, with some school districts listed as giving out higher grades than deserved. The 17-page document compares the numbers and percentages of students getting grades of A or B in algebra and geometry.... Continue Reading »

Santos honored as outstanding board member

GRAVETTE -- Susan Santos, of Bella Vista, was honored at the beginning of the Jan. 19 Gravette School Board meeting as an outstanding board member and given a pin from the Arkansas School Board Association. Richard Page, superintendent of Gravette schools, presented the pin. Page announced that January is School Board Appreciation Month and presented certificates to all Gravette School Board members. All were present except Dan Yates. Continue Reading »


Past Global Warming Predictions Mostly Hot Air

Billed as the storm of the year, and perhaps of the decade or 21st century, tens of millions of people from Philadelphia to Boston scurried home before the 50 to 75 mph snow-blowing icy winds overtook them. Authorities banned travel on all streets in New York City and violators, who lingered too long, could be fined $300. City Mayor, Bill de Blasio warned, “This will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City.” Continue Reading »

Perhaps Springtown should surrender its charter

Springtown, located at the headwaters of Flint Creek, is a pretty place to visit and has much historical significance to Gentry and the surrounding communities, with many of Gentry's original businesses locating there first and then moving to Gentry when the railroad plotted its course through Gentry rather than in neighboring communities to the east or the west. However, for a small town with a population of less than 100, the political climate remains sharply divided, with accusations flying and officials resigning following the November election and a change in power. Continue Reading »

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