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S Freedom Festival set for Monday in Gentry

Day offers top-notch entertainment and spectacular fireworks

GENTRY — On Monday Gentry will hold its 103rd annual freedom festival in the city park, with a car show getting underway by 10 a.m. and other activities beginning about noon. The fireworks display, to be held at dusk, promises once again to be bigger and better than in years past with even more fireworks to light up the night sky. Continue Reading »

S Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July? Find out the real answers below.... Continue Reading »

S Sulphur celebration draws many despite heat

SULPHUR SPRINGS — The park in the city of Sulphur Springs filled with people last Saturday as folks braved the heat to come out and participate in the annual Independence Day celebration. Activities started early and continued throughout the day and on into the evening without a lull. Continue Reading »


S Frisbee golf course opens at Veterans Park in Decatur

DECATUR — There is a new sport sweeping through northwest Arkansas. It is not tennis, racquetball or even golf (of sorts). It is a simple sport involving a set of spinning discs, a goal that resembles a merry-go-round, and lot of fresh air. What is this new sport? It is called Frisbee golf. A new Frisbee golf course opened June 1 at Decatur's Veterans Park. It is part of a rapidly growing network of courses springing up in the area. Along with Gentry, Gravette, Siloam Springs and the Jones Center in Springdale, Decatur's course is a nine-hole set up. Fayetteville and Springdale both have a complete 18-hole set up. The Veterans Park course is the brain child of Mike Stout, who also designed and built the courses in Gentry and Gravette.... Continue Reading »


S Highfill discusses road problems, takes no action yet on proposed road tax

HIGHFILL — Road problems were discussed during the June 14 council meeting in Highfill, with Mayor Stacy Digby updating the council on events and concerns, but no action was taken on a proposed ordinance to seek a temporary tax to fix the roads. Digby reported complaints received about the terrible condition of Digby and Peterson Roads. Digby also reported receiving several phone calls regarding heavy truck traffic using the roads, which Digby said "shouldn't be happening since those roads are restricted to truck traffic." "Most of those calls involved trucks associated with the poultry industry," Digby reported. Digby also noted that he had received a complaint from a poultry grower outside the city limits who was concerned that a truck leaving his farm had been stopped by police. The truck was not ticketed, Digby said. Continue Reading »

S School district told to cancel prayers at graduations

GENTRY — Among miscellaneous items reported to the board by Randy Barrett, superintendent of Gentry Public Schools, was a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation asking the school district to assure the FFRF in writing that it would cease scheduling prayers at high school graduation ceremonies. The June 17 letter, written by Patrick Elliott, staff attorney for FFRF, cites a number of court cases in which school policy allowing or scheduling student-led prayer was allegedly ruled unconstitutional. Cases cited include Lee v. Weisman and Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe. The full letter is available on the school district's website. The letter alleges that FFRF was contacted by a concerned citizen in regard to prayers scheduled at Gentry High School's graduation, including an invocation and benediction listed in the graduation program. The letter claims that "by scheduling prayers at graduation, the District abridges that duty [to remain neutral in regard to religion] and alienates the 35 percent of young Americans who [FFRF claims] are not religious." It says the school district is not free to allow prayer even if local opinion favors the practice.... Continue Reading »

S Harps announces opening dates for new stores

Gravette store to open August 3, Gentry on September 21

GENTRY — Harps Food Stores, Inc., has announced plans to open stores in four of the nine recently-acquired Walmart Express stores, including plans to reopen the Gravette store as a Harps Food Store on August 3. Continue Reading »

S Decatur men arrested in connection with attack on police officers

Approximately 20 cited in underage drinking incident

DECATUR — Three young men from Decatur were arrested early Saturday morning in connection to a battery incident against two police officers who were responding to a noise complaint at a home in Decatur. Continue Reading »

S Top-notch entertainment promised at Gentry Freedom Fest

GENTRY — The 103rd annual Freedom Festival to be held on Independence Day in the Gentry City Park promises some topnotch entertainment again this year. Headlining the evening's entertainment will be Barrett Baber, an Arkansas musician.... Continue Reading »


S Questions to ask candiates seeking yor vote

With election season upon us and a host of candidates vying for our votes in the upcoming elections - plural because we (in Arkansas) have a school board election in September and the general election in November - I would suggest you examine the candidates' (including state and local candidates) knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, a document those elected will swear to uphold. I would suggest the following questions: 1. Have you ever read and studied the entire U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights you will swear to uphold? When and where? 2. Which powers were given to the federal.... Continue Reading »

S Underage drinking problem can’t be ignored

The three boys, ages 20, 19 and 19 who brazenly attacked police officers responding to their underage drinking party at Decatur early Saturday morning (June 25) should consider themselves lucky. If police weren’t highly-trained, disciplined professionals, sworn to uphold the law and protect the public, even when that public is trying to harm them, these boys may have never seen the light of morning. The actions of the three boys epitomizes a society gone wrong. This goes way beyond resisting arrest. When underage youth prefer to attack police rather than surrender their illegal alcoholic beverages, that sort of behavior can’t be ignored. Continue Reading »