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S KSC crews work on tank cars

DECATUR — Sometime during the morning of Nov. 9, a maintenance crew from Kansas City Southern Railroad began work on a pair of tank cars parked on a siding near the depot in Decatur. It was not clear just what the crew was doing to these cars.... Continue Reading »

S Council approves appointments, accepts poolhouse bid

GRAVETTE — Jeff Davis and Bill Mattler were approved as members of the planning commission and were sworn in by Mayor Kurt Maddox at the Nov. 16 meeting of the Gravette City Council. Davis served a short term in 2017 and is being reappointed, and Mattler is a new member of the commission. Continue Reading »

S Future construction projects outlined for school board

GENTRY — In a special meeting on Monday, Nov. 13, Gentry School Board adopted a master plan for facilities over the next 10 years and heard the results of a review of current facilities in regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Continue Reading »


S Lions face Cards in tune-up


GRAVETTE — Cardinal junior guard Jaylen Montez came off a screen and hit a three, then replicated the feat on the next trip down when a defender played a step off. Those two long-range buckets gave Farmington enough of a cushion in the first minute of overtime that the Cardinals were able to get past Gravette, 56-50, in a Nov. 14 benefit game. Jacob Gray controlled the tip to begin the bonus session which led to Jaylen Montez' made-trifecta. Skyler Montez hit a pair of foul shots and Farmington led by six halfway through the overtime period. The Cardinals maintained no less than a 5-point cushion the rest of the way. Gravette used a 6-2 run over the final 2:28 of regulation to force overtime. Dayten Wishon elevated off a spin move to score in the lane, drawing the Lions within, 43-41.... Continue Reading »


S Student letters thank local veterans

GENTRY — On Nov. 10, students from the Gentry Intermediate School honored veterans with patriotic songs and words of thanks. Among letters written to veterans to thank them for their service were the following four, read at the special Veterans Day assembly. Dear Veteran, Veterans have been protecting America since the beginning of our nation. You selflessly risked your lives for random people that you have never even met. I love how you protect our freedom and rights. Without you, this place that we are standing in wouldn't be the same America.You risked your lives so our lives would be saved. If you had never joined the military, most of us wouldn't even be here right now. In the air, oceans and land stands freedom close by. Ever since I heard of the people that protected us, I knew.... Continue Reading »

S Ribbon cutting held at Wise Twice But Nice

GENTRY -- A ribbon cutting, sponsored by the Gentry Chamber of Commerce, was held Nov. 8 at Wise Twice But Nice on Main Street in Gentry. The secondhand store sells everything from electronics to clothing and household goods. Continue Reading »

S Council calls for special election, approves additional fire department funds

HIGHFILL — Council members, at their Nov. 14 meeting, unanimously approved the expenditure of up to $12,000 from the city's general savings account to cover fuel reimbursement costs for the members of the Highfill Volunteer Fire Department for the current year. Continue Reading »

S Gravette school board holds planning session, asks for staff dress code

GRAVETTE — Members of the Gravette School Board held a planning session Tuesday, Nov. 7, at the school administration building. Unofficial minutes from that meeting indicate that board members considered the following agenda items: Continue Reading »

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S Do we give the Lord the glory due His name?

Weekly Devotion

"Give to the Lord, O families of the peoples, give to the Lord glory and strength. Give to the Lord the glory due His name; bring an offering, and come into His courts. Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness! Tremble before Him, all the earth." Psalm 96:7-9 Continue Reading »

S What does the Bible teach? Have you read it?

What does the Bible teach? Sad to say, most people have not read the Bible in its entirety and many have no idea what it really teaches. Though much more detail could be provided, what follows is a brief summary of the Bible's teaching. What does the Bible teach? 1) That the Triune God -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- created all things good, including man, as described in Genesis 1-2, and that He still preserves all things. It is as the Bible says in Nehemiah 9:6.... Continue Reading »