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— It’s time again for a little corner of the paper that is dedicated to my thoughts and revelations. Not that there is much I can reveal, but my thoughts are at least a little entertaining.

I forgot to mention that I recently heard that Sue Austin had left the Post office in Gentry. Someone told me that this news was in the paper, but since my column only comes with a free paper if I remember to pick it up, I don’t always get a paper myself. But I wanted to wish Sue a great retirement, and now that I hear that her baby, Bobbie Sue, just had a baby and Sue is again a grandma, I am sure that her retirement will not involve much retiring. I hope that you enjoy that new baby,Sue, and I bet you can’t wait to get her up in Decatur for Christmas.

November was a busy, busy month, but when you work almost 24/7, as my cousin told me, then it goes really fast, and you are surprised that soon you will be writing 2010 in your checkbook.

Remember when people were upset, and screaming over the year 2000? Everyone thought the end of the world was coming, and we would not be able to type a word on the computers.Well, here it is 10 years later, and it seems like it was just a few months.

Can it be Christmas again? Wow, time flies when you are old. After graduation, time never did stand still,and my children are finding that out for themselves. Jessica and Benton were home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and they helped Dad dig a ditch at the house. Benton certainly does not want to be a ditch digger all his life, not the way he did it, anyway. Twenty-plus feet of ditch made him realize just why he is getting a college education - to buy a tractor so it can dig the ditch for him.

The children were playing and laughing, and it made me remember when they were kids, playing under blankets, laughing and having fun.

Benton said, “Mom can you believe that we are 20 and 22, and acting like this?”

I appreciated the fact that they were because it showed me they are still kids, most certainly growing and maturing, but they are not too mature to have fun with each other.

Decatur looks really nice, with the new Holiday lightsthey have put up on the poles. These lights look so bright and cheerful, and we appreciate the work the city workers went through to put them up.

Gentry looks beautiful with its Holiday lights too. In fact, while driving around Gentry on Thanksgiving evening - not for fun, but to do my laundry - I saw a lot of holiday lights up. Christmas is such a festive time of year, with lights and all, that it makes one just want to use extra gas driving around looking at them. Our appreciation to all of those who take the time to make their homes so bright and pretty.

Do have a wonderful December. Take time to tell the ones in your life that you love them, and don’t forget that the reason for our Holiday Season is to remember that Jesus came as a baby so many years ago, to be the Savior of our world. And also take time to tell the youngsters in your home this story, so they will know it too.

News, Pages 5 on 12/16/2009

Print Headline: Charlotte’s Corner December’s Here Already

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