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— Seems like the nuts are plentiful in some spots and the crop is lean in other areas.

I mean, not what you probably think I mean, the real nuts from trees. The kind of nuts that squirrels fuss over and pies are made from. I have two pecan trees. One is on my property and the other belongs to whoever can get there first to collect the harvest.

I’ve been going to harvest the nuts for years, convinced that the yield is meant for me and mine.

When I first saw the great bounty there were only dirt roads in this area and now I have to cross a couple of heavily traveled highways to get to the tree. And that isn’t all the trouble I have collecting the pecans; some squirrels and some two-legged varmints have discovered the treasure. How do you pick up pecans in the dark?

I am sure that the twolegged thief, and that is what I call him or her, is waiting for the cover of darkness to get into my stash and carry away my gold. I know the tree is on county property but I still consider it mine. I fertilize that tree, weed eat around it and have been known to haul water to it during dry spells. About half of the crop falls in the dirt road and the other half where I trim the grass and weeds.

My close relative has frowned and glared at me when I fussed about the crime of thievery, trying to say that the taking of something that is not mine is not a crime. What could she possibly know about claiming property? Her family didn’t even have a man, woman or child in the big Run. Just because my ancestors lost what had been claimed because ofa friendly game or two of stud poker is no sign that we don’t know how to stake a claim.

Easing through the field the other evening I spotted a small pickup, one of the little compact ones, going along the road by the tree. I watched for about ten minutes as the truck stopped and then rolled a few feet before stopping again.

Being unable to stand the suspense any longer, I drove over that way. The road runs beside a rented pasture that I’ve managed to get for a few years. Seeing a vehicle coming toward them the driver took off and in a cloud of dust I couldn’t tell what they had been up to or who they were.

Thankful for the day being Friday, I made a deal with some of the Grands to help me up pick up nuts on Saturday. We gleaned it plumb clean.We could have caused a great panic among crows and squirrels because we left not one nut! I paid the Grands off with ice cream cones and let the oldest one drive home after we turned off the main road.

They giggled about beating the thieves to the bounty and talked about how nice it would be to have a slab of pecan pie.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, sharing is wonderful and I would never take food from a hungry person. But neither do I condone taking my pecans and making me do without what I consider rightfully mine! I have stated many times that I know everyone has an opinion and my close relative and I sometimes do not agree on all things. I allow it is OK and I forgive her for her mistakes as long as the pies keep on coming.

Opinion, Pages 4 on 10/07/2009

Print Headline: OPINION? Everybody Has One!!

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