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— Lord knows we need rain, rain every day a little at a time, just to keep things watered would not be too much. Keeping things washed and fresh would be just great and you gotta know the fresh grass would make better beef from the beginning. But, and there is that little word, why does it have to rain in the early mornings?

Hay down and sprinkled on just before the dew falls isn't so bad and most trips to the barn are done by that time. Pitter patter of rain makes for awfully nice sleeping and at 8:30 or 9 p.m. most of us would like a little lulling into relaxation. Even bad news at ten wouldn't be so bad if we were getting that little bit of moisture.

Yes, I am in trouble again. Muddy boots two days in a row and if it is raining I probably do not stand outside to clean them off before I get into the utility room. Dang it, that close relative can be so contrary in such a belittling way. She just looks as I pull off the muck caked boots, raises her brows and sighs deeply and loud. I'd rather a little profanity or blood letting than the poor pitiful maid look, I think. I add that "I think" because I don't really know about either but it sounds like it would be better.

My close relative is pretty tired these days. She has canned enough for the four families she is afraid are gonna starve this winter and even muttered about putting up some hog plum jelly. You know that is a terrible waste of sugar, jars, paraffin, time and the energy it takes to do. I eased into that idea and got it squelched before it took form and had to be done.

Anyhow, she is worn out and has had a terrible time getting rested up. The county fair season is upon her like ugly on a Razorback hog and the Grands are begging to make stuff for entry, let alone all her obligations for said activity. I should be well aware that any little mess or misstep I make could rock the boat and even cause it to capsize. But, I forget sometimes, beings as it is from year to year.

I guess it is not for mankind to decide the weather and if it were we would all be in a bigger mess than I am in today. I did sweep up the mud, got a paper towel and washed up the tracks, put that powdered stuff on the sink and scrubbed it a little, made small talk and told her how good the coffee was. Her voice was tiny, that little voice women use when they have been used or abused, when she did answer me. Rats, it is gonna cost me plenty to get out of this.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, most of us humans treat our dog or horse better than we do our first relatives. I am sorry I did the nasty boot business, I could have asked for the newspaper to step into the house on, worn rubber boots and washed them off at the outside faucet or at least not grinned about the mud the first time it happened. What would Snip or old Dog think if I treated them so rudely?

Excuse me, I don't mean to compare my close relative to a dog or horse and I'm gonna sign off before I get in deeper than I can handle!

News, Pages 4 on 09/09/2009

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