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GENTRY -- The Gentry School Board on Feb. 19 announced the renewal of the contract of Terrie Metz as superintendent of Gentry Public Schools and voted to extend contracts of Metz and Christie Toland, assistant superintendent, for two years rather than one, as has been done in the past.

The board accepted the professional development goals proposed by Metz for the superintendent but said it would also add a goal of its own at the next meeting. Goals suggested by Metz included 1) the completion of building plans for Gentry Intermediate School and the development of district and school safety plans; 2) monitor the planning process whereby the school district and individual schools review and change the mission and visions statements and goals in order to improve student achievement, and work to implement strategies to brand the school district; and 3) continue to build and sustain a culture of collaboration, trust, learning and high academic expectations for all.

Also approved by the board was the hiring of Yolonda Moll as the school nurse at the primary school. A resignation letter of Connie McHenry, high school nurse, was accepted by the board. McHenry will resign at the close of the current school year.

The board viewed two calendars proposed by the personnel policy committee and agreed to allow staff to select which of the two school calendars becomes next year's official calendar by a vote. The chief difference between the two calendars is the length of Thanksgiving break for students. One calendar includes professional development and flex days on Nov. 19-20, extending the break for students to a full week.

A biennium budget was accepted by the board. The budget is a state requirement for the district and is an estimate of expenses for the district for the 2019-2020 school year. The budget projects salaries of $9.5 million, instructional expenses of $3.1 million and maintenance and operation expenses of $3.4 million, with pupil transportation expenses estimated at $800,000 and building fund expenses at $750,000. No millage increase was anticipated.

A trip was approved for members of the Gentry High School Band to Branson, Mo., on May 18-19. The band is raising money to cover the costs of the trip. A trip itinerary and safety information was shared with board members.

Toland shared preliminary plans with the board for a positive branding of the school district. She proposed using hashtag "ThePioneerStory" as a part of a social media outreach. She suggested streamlining building and club social media posts to the district's social media pages, requiring at least four posts to social media per week, reorganizing the district website and adding new features, developing a phone app for the district, centralizing website posting to the district level and increasing media presence for the district.

Toland also suggested surveying faculty and staff, students, and parents and community members to develop a district logo and motto which can be trademarked and used for district branding on other items to help promote the district.

Toland also proposed further development of a "Partners in Education" program to involve community members in providing specialized training in fields which may be of benefit to Gentry students. Other proposals included plans to honor teachers and support staff, providing more professional development opportunities for teachers and staff, increasing offerings related to science, technology, engineering and math, and striving toward excellence in athletics and the fine arts.

General News on 02/28/2018

Print Headline: Board extends superintendent, assistant superintendent contracts to two years

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