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We are certainly thrilled to see the old year fly away and are prepared to do our dead-level best to move up the scale in the new 2021.

My dedication to following resolutions is well known and therefore I refuse to set myself up for failure again! I just don't make them, but I can strive to be a better human. My close relative is once again trying to make me say I will eat healthy for the year. Ain't gonna happen and so there!

We are set up to make a go of this operation. We all like what we do and the Lord has allowed us all good health to work on this outfit but we know we are sunk without giving credit to the Lord for all we have and plan on doing. Just a word to remind all of us beef producers that we are not without a Master!

The weather is fine for winter. Cold and sorta moist without big snows or storms is the only good thing I can credit winter with. I have plenty of clothing to keep me from becoming a "POP" sickle, down to and including brand new red long handles with that rear flap! I am still wearing the same old rubber boots when it is muddy because I do not want new ones until these wear out! You have to watch my close relative about things you do not want to be replaced. She is good at sneaking out the best shirts or pants and you could meet your clothes on the street covering a panhandler with an extended plate as he sings and strums his gitfiddle!

The cattle are really doing better than I expected for the lack of green grass. We can turn in on the rye in about a week and the winter wheat is up and about ready to graze. I am beginning to see some of the spring calvers looking pretty ripe! The offspring insisted on breeding for the first and second week of February, chancing the event of blizzards and frozen calves. I just have to let some decisions be theirs and pray for them.

I had a flat on my pickup truck this morning. I walked to the shop and got the air tank and aired it up and took the tank with me to town. You have to go a pretty good distance to get to a tire shop anymore. I made it fine and the tire had a roofing tack in it. There is absolutely no way to tell where we pick up tire trash. Made it home and got the chores done about as early as usual.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, flat tire and salads included, the New Year has started out just great! My attitude is sitting on a high shelf right now and I hope yours is also. We have fought the bloody war and lost some great folks to the enemy, but we will end the devastating battles soon. I am hurting with the families who have buried loved ones and sad for the misery covid has delivered to our nation, but we will win! Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name of the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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