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S Lions bring down Mustangs in short game at Arvest Ballpark

SPRINGDALE -- Gravette High School's Lions hosted McDonald County (Mo.) in a short nonleague game at Arvest Ballpark on March 24 and, in addition to being able to play on the minor-league field, the Lions brought home an 8-4 unofficial win in preparation for conference play this week. Continue Reading »

S Area Easter events planned

WESTSIDE -- In addition to regular church services, a number of special events are scheduled for this weekend in the Eagle Observer service area. Continue Reading »

S Fixing a bison meat loaf to feed the multitudes

I don't claim to be a great cook but I can throw together enough in the kitchen to survive and even, on occasion, awe my victims. I will admit my dependence on Mrs. Griz for guidance even though I often am less than precise with following her instructions and sometimes innovate just a little. Continue Reading »

S Obituaries

Jesse Belyeu, Sr. Continue Reading »

S Lions win two in tournament

GRAVETTE -- The Lions baseball team fell to the Ozark Hillbillies on Thursday, 7-5, but won two on Saturday, defeating Farmington, 9-6, and shutting out Pottsville, 6-0. Continue Reading »

S Serving Up Pancakes

Photo by Randy Moll Continue Reading »

S Hometown Events

Easter Egg Hunt Continue Reading »

S Who Condemned Jesus?

"So Pilate, wanting to gratify the crowd, released Barabbas to them; and he delivered Jesus, after he had scourged Him, to be crucified." Mark 15:15 (read v. 1-20) Continue Reading »

S Eighth grader expelled in Gentry

GENTRY -- An eighth grade student was expelled for one year at a special Gentry School Board meeting on Monday night. Continue Reading »

S Unlicensed dogs have become unlawful norm in Gentry

GENTRY -- Unlicensed dogs seem to be the rule in Gentry, with only 37 dogs being licensed in the city during 2014. Continue Reading »